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How to Use Wax for Braces



February 13, 2023

If you have braces or think you might be getting braces in the near future, they can feel somewhat strange in your mouth right at first. It can take a few days and sometimes even a few weeks to adjust to the feel of the braces. 

When braces are new and your mouth is not used to them, they can cause some irritation. This is especially true when it comes to the insides of your cheeks. Luckily, there is a simple, easy and safe solution that can help prevent this irritation: wax!

What Is Orthodontic Wax?

Generally made from paraffin, carnauba wax, or beeswax, orthodontic wax is available in unflavored and flavored variations like mint. Generally, it is clear so it is less visible within the mouth. orthodontic wax is completely safe to use and have in the mouth. If you accidentally swallow a small amount, it’s OK! It is also affordable and simple to use.

Orthodontic wax is used to act as a protective barrier between the braces and your mouth. It is sold in small, compact containers that you can discreetly keep with you at all times in your purse, pocket, wallet, etc. orthodontic wax can be obtained from one of our three locations in Winnipeg, or you can often find it at a local pharmacy.

How Does Orthodontic Wax Work?

Orthodontic wax is constructed so that it protects your gums, cheeks, and lips from the metal edges of the braces. It is important that orthodontic wax is kept at room temperature, so it doesn’t melt or become too stiff. The warmth of your hands can be used to soften the wax and shape it as needed. When applied to the braces, the wax will stick to them and remain smooth. As the wax breaks down, it will peel off or flake away with little to no difficulty.

When Should You Use Orthodontic Wax?

Generally, orthodontic wax is not needed throughout the entire orthodontic treatment. However, this wax can prove to be a useful tool when you first get your braces and at certain times throughout your treatment.

Apart from the first few days, orthodontic wax can be used in the mouth when a wire or bracket comes loose. The wax can be used to keep everything in place until it can be fixed at our office. It also ensures that protruding wires don’t poke the inside of your cheeks and gums.

How to Use Orthodontic Wax for Braces

Make sure to wash your hands with soap thoroughly before applying orthodontic wax. This is to help prevent the risk of a bacterial infection within the mouth where you have open sores. Make sure to brush your teeth, clean your braces, and floss as well. You can dry your braces off before applying the wax, as this may help the wax stick better and for a longer period of time.

Once everything is clean and ready to go, pinch off a small piece of the orthodontic wax and work it around in your hands until it softens. Avoid using too much wax, as this may be uncomfortable in the mouth or not stick properly and end up falling off. You can roll the wax into a ball and then slightly flatten it. Using your forefinger or thumb, push the wax onto the area of the braces you are experiencing trouble and pain. After a little bit of time, the irritation should go away and you can continue with your day!

Caring for the Orthodontic Wax

Make sure the wax is removed before drinking, eating, or cleaning your teeth. This ensures no food particles get stuck in the wax and reduces the chance of it becoming dirty quickly. 

As mentioned earlier, orthodontic wax is 100 percent safe, so it’s okay to leave in the mouth overnight. In addition, you should consider replacing the wax twice a day, or as necessary.

Contact Our Orthodontic Team 

Orthodontic wax is always a temporary solution to the initial irritation caused by braces. For a more permanent cure, especially if your braces have broken in some way, you should schedule an appointment at Rykiss Orthodontics. We can also help you with any questions you have about using the wax properly. We are even happy to show you in person!

Our team is also happy to address any questions and concerns you may have regarding orthodontic care as a whole. Our goal is to maximize your comfort while helping you achieve your perfect smile.


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