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While we are temporarily closed due to corona virus

we are still "here" for you virtually

While we are temporarily closed due to corona virus

we are still "here" for you virtually

Emergency appointments (if you are in pain due to a sharp wire, rubbing bracket or appliance, etc) and dispensing of elastics, wax, aligners, etc may be arranged either through or text 204.292.6018.
(Please don't leave a voice message as they are not being checked regularly)

If you would appreciate direct conversation with our orthodontists, we can arrange a Facetime or Zoom checkup. Kindly email or text to book this Virtual Checkup.

This postponement will not result in anything bad happening orthodontically so please continue to practice excellent oral hygiene and remember ...we are here to answer all your questions and concerns. Orthodontic wires (with braces) are still exerting force and aligners are still being worn and dispensed. We continue to work towards our treatment goals and appreciate your patience, and engagement in your own care.

All of us at Rykiss Orthodontics wish you and your families good health, patience and positivity as we beat this challenge together. Reopening information will be sent out via mass email, texts, on social media as well as a new post right here. Thank you for your understanding as we get through this together.

We are already thinking and planning for "the day after" and will be implementing extremely stringent and "best practice" hygiene and safety procedures and practices as specified by government and licensing authorities to ensure your safety and peace of mind. We will continue providing our special brand of orthodontic care with your health and confidence being of prime concern.


Dr Jared, Dr Mark, Barb and all of us at Rykiss Orthodontics


Are we starting to rebook appointments? Not yet for the reasons mentioned above. It is likely that we will be shortly so please check for daily email blast for updates.

Do I continue with elastic wear? Can I pick up more elastics? Great question. If you have been asked to wear elastics kindly check in with us. We will ask you to send photos (with elastics one) of your bite from the front, right side and left side showing as much tooth anatomy as possible. We suggest using a spoon or clean fingers to retract the cheeks back to ensure more informative images. We will have our orthodontist check those photos and ensure that elastic wear is still necessary. If you need more elastics please include a photo of the bag of elastics you are currently using and which office you usually attend.

When will my treatment continue? Whether you are in appliances, traditional braces or aligner therapy (Invisalign, Rykiss MTM) your treatment continues to be active. Wires and aligners (and elastics) continue to provide the forces necessary to get to our desired goals. Please don’t be discouraged. Your continued excellent hygiene and compliance with elastics (and elastic “check-ins” with us, aligner wear and progression to next aligner) is more important that ever.

What if I have questions for the orthodontist? If you would like to have a “virtual check-in” with Dr Jared please reach out to us to book. Even though we haven’t seen you for a bit we are here for you and continue to work towards achieving the healthy and beautiful smile we discussed at your consultation.

How will I check in once I get to the office for my next appointment? We haven’t changed but how we serve you will definitely look different when you return.Please consider finding our Rykiss Orthodontics at your favorite app store. When registering please use the “Responsible Party” information that you gave us previously including email, cell phone(204xxxxxxx) and birthday month/day/year e.g march 20 looks like 3/24/1980. This app will provide lots of information a swell as signing in for your appointments from your vehicle as we keep our waiting area as empty as possible.

Please send us any other questions so that we may continue to have to privilege of serving you as best we can during this staged reopening and stay healthy, safe and positive.